The Ultimate Market Research Project Checklist

A comprehensive checklist with essential steps and considerations for conducting effective market research projects.

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A checklist to bring clarity to chaos.

We are not just saying that either, we actually want to help. We created this checklist specifically to help busy field directors and independent moderators like yourself.

If you constantly feel the pressure to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, this is the perfect tool for you.Your projects are jam-packed with details and micro-tasks — it’s time you had an all-in-one, organized solution to keep you on track toward success, no matter the scope or project type.

What's Inside?

  • A project overview to help you see the big picture
  • Methodologies broken down by micro-tasks
  • Space to jot your notes, bright ideas, or doodles

a snapshot of the checklists inside
A Look Inside

Customizable Checklists for Any Project

In research, the details matter. With these versatile planning pages, you can ensure everything is accounted for throughout the duration of the project.