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How to Convince Your Stakeholders to Conduct In-Person Research

By on Sep 03, 2021

While we have been forced to find creative ways to gain insights from consumers, healthcare professionals, patients and business leaders this year, there is no denying the magic th...

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The Magic of In-Person Research

By on Jul 28, 2021

There is a time and place for everything when it comes to researching and connecting with your customer. But there’s just no replacement for the sort of synergy, body language, eye...

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Sarah Kotva’s Journey to Market Research

By on Jul 16, 2021

Fieldworkers thrive on collaboration. It's ingrained into the ethos of the organization. 

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9 Best Tips When Conducting Online Focus Groups

By on Jun 22, 2021

If there were one cardinal sin of conducting virtual research, it would be the assumption that it is the same as face-to-face research, but over a video call.

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Think Like a Fieldworker

By on Jun 04, 2021

Fieldworkers are true problem solvers. It's engrained into the ethos of the organization. 

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UX Research With Kids: Best Practices Beyond the Pandemic

By on Apr 27, 2021

“When I was a kid…” the phrase begins. What typically follows is some story in which “kids these days” are painted in some fashion that reveals their childhood was much easier and ...

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3 Keys to Improving Your Medical Device Usability Planning

By on Mar 17, 2021

Human factors testing of medical devices, especially those in process for FDA approval, can be complex. Finding a trusted partner who can meet and exceed stakeholder’s standards an...

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FAQ: Fieldwork Management of Mock Trial Scenarios

By on Feb 11, 2021

At Fieldwork, our job is to create the right environment for focus groups, mock juries and other group events needed for trial consultants. It’s our privilege to listen to our clie...

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Before, During and After a Medical Device Usability Study

By on Jan 29, 2021

The medical device industry is booming.  Innovative companies are pioneering technology, bringing new products to market and significantly upgrading existing devices, to better pat...

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5 Questions to Ask Your Medical Device Market Research Recruiting Partner

By on Nov 11, 2020

Data and insights from the right respondents are the cornerstones of valuable medical device research. And getting those sometimes hard-to-reach people in the right place at the ri...

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