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    Tips for Creating High-Quality Qualitative Market Research Screeners

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    In market research, screeners serve a vital purpose by ensuring that participants are the right fit for studies and are qualified for their interviews. Asking the right questions in a screener greatly increases the likelihood of securing your ideal participants. 

    Our role as a dedicated support service allows us to interact with screeners on a daily basis, positioning ourselves as a valuable resource for the industry. With a team of seasoned project managers well-versed in qualitative recruitment, we possess a deep understanding of the importance of crafting high-quality qualitative market research screeners.

    From master chefs to artists, all experts have a certain flair for what they do and how they do it. We know our team brings a special something to all we do. We call it our secret sauce and we’d love to share it with you. You’ll gain confidence in how we source quality respondents in your mission to gather meaningful insights that drive brand and business impact.

    Market Research Screener Best Practices

    Screener best practices are things that come naturally to our trained recruiters, but putting them in black and white ensures that you and your recruiting partner are aligned.  Here are some best practices to ensure your recruiter is set up for success:

    • Ensure the screener has an introduction to set the context and expectations.
    • Have a dedicated page for quotas and specifications for easy reference throughout recruitment.
    • Examine skip patterns for logical flow.
    • Review final screeners for grammatical errors to maintain professionalism and clarity. 
    • Avoid creating questions that may bias participant responses.
    • Require an open-ended occupational screening question to avoid industry conflicts of interest. 
    • Clearly outline your desired mix of demographics, such as geography, gender, ethnicity, and organization/specialty type. 
    • Include an articulation question to assess communication skills and comprehension. 
    • Set participants up for success by defining technology requirements for online research. 
    • Summarize expectations with a clear invitation to participate in the research. 

    Of course, we have our standard operating procedures and detailed checklists we use for all projects, but we immediately set to customizing these lists the moment we understand your project needs. When looking to recruit for studies with specific requirements, such as human factors studies, mock juries, medical research, and the like, partnering with an experienced research recruiter can significantly benefit your screener development process. Our experienced team reviews screeners for total clarity so your study is filled with right audience ready to engage and provide representative insights that deliver valuable and actionable results.

    Want to learn more about recruiting for market research locally, nationally, or globally? We’re here to help. We’d love to be your one-stop qualitative research support partner. Focus on the research. We’ll do the rest. 

    A screener is one piece of the whole qualitative experience. We understand your projects are jam-packed with details and micro-tasks. That’s why we created the Ultimate Market Research Project Checklist. It’s our all-in-one, organized solution to keep you on track toward success, no matter the scope or project type.

    Download the Checklist