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    The 7 Ingredients in Fieldwork’s Research Recruitment Secret Sauce

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    Every chef has those “secret” ingredients that make them great. Some ingredients are predictable and easy to find. However, others take a little more effort to acquire and expertise to use. Our Fieldwork team is kind of like an executive chef creating a gourmet meal. A lot of ingredients go in to make that “special sauce” to ensure you get the best market research recruitment and project management possible.

    But, what’s in that sauce? Of course, we can’t reveal all our trade secrets, but we can share seven of our key ingredients that make us a world-class leader in
    marketing research recruitment for over 40 years.

    The 7 Ingredients in Fieldwork’s Research Recruitment Secret Sauce

    1. Local and National Database Reach

    We pull respondents from all over the U.S. and the world. Your research recruitment needs are limited only by your own screener, not our databases. With such a comprehensive group to pull from, we help you find the most qualified candidates for your focus groups, no matter if we’re searching close to home or far and wide.

     2. Database Accuracy

    It’s not enough to simply say that we have extensive databases: we are proud to share that we update them regularly, too! Following up with respondents, tracking past participants and indicating whether prospects should be contacted, again, is just part of what we do to ensure our databases are as complete and updated as possible for research study recruitment. Our databases are constantly growing.

    3. Screener Feedback

    Prior to contact with recruitment prospects, we discuss your screener and project needs with you. As leaders in the industry, we can offer constructive feedback to yield the best respondents for your study before we even begin recruiting participants for research.

    4. The  Muti-Touch Process

    The foundation of our recruitment best practices is the extra mile we go in our efforts to communicate with your respondents. After recruitment, we send a confirmation email and touch base again the day before a research study. This significant attention to detail ensures you actually have a focus group when you need it. Qualified recruits need reminding, just like anyone, and we make sure they remember! And, this standard follow-up process helps complete any pre-study paperwork required.

    5. Taking the Show on the Road

    Some recruiting projects are simply about a specific location and that location might be incredibly remote. We can couple that challenging research recruitment need with Fieldwork Anywhere. We can turn ANY venue into a professional focus group facility for all research study recruitment. If your target community is a small town or rural area, or you just need an exceptionally unique venue, we are experts at transforming any space into a state-of-the-art facility suitable for the most demanding projects and most importantly - the exact right respondents.  And we will support you there!

    6. Let’s Get Virtual

    Some recruiting projects pose special challenges and need a solution to overcome the geographic, time or physical limitations of traditional research. Need to hear from respondents in L.A. and N.Y.C. in the same day? Need to gather respondents from multiple cities at the same time? Our market research recruitment team works with our Webwork platform to make sure you have exactly who you need when you need them. Have busy doctors or professionals who can’t spare the time to attend a physical location? We bring the focus group facility right to their screen of choice. Does your research need to incorporate physically handicapped or respondents with mobility challenges? Virtual focus groups solve a variety of challenges so you can gather valuable market research insights in record time with the right respondents!

    7. Pooled Resources

    Our entire network of teams knows how to collaborate to get you the right respondents. We pool our extensive resources including multiple local and national phone rooms and expert local and outspread project managers throughout the country and around the world. You get our shared experience and performance with one point of contact for any research project.

    As we honor our fifth decade of providing quality services to the research industry, we don’t plan on changing our recipe for success. As with any great meal, success is meant to be shared. Ready to partner on your next market research recruitment project?




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