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    Dallas Market Research Redefined: Fieldwork's Cutting-Edge Facility

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    Dallas Market Research Redefined: Fieldwork's Cutting-Edge Facility


    Fieldwork's move to a cutting-edge space in Dallas is an exciting step forward for market research insights in the area. This relocation underlines our continued commitment to local project management and ethical recruiting with a trusted team based in Dallas – ensuring outstanding experiences for our clients.

    Here's a look inside the Dallas market research facility:

    Fieldwork Dallas floor plan

    • Centrally located in Dallas proper easily accessible from DFW and Love Field airports

    • Over 14,000 sq. ft. featuring 6 suites with private lounges and strategically positioned viewing rooms for an expansive, unobstructed view

    • Customizable Medical Simulation Center/Human Factors Lab complete with a sink, laminate flooring, and lockable storage

    • Multiple, large conference rooms that can accommodate 25+ respondents each, including 1 that can seat 50+ comfortably – the perfect size for mock jury settings, dial testing solutions, taste tests, simulated shopping displays, and so much more!

    • Underground, attached parking for convenient accessibility

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    We invite you to experience our brand-new facility firsthand. With upgraded amenities and purpose-built spaces designed to elevate research experiences, Fieldwork's relocation represents our dedication to providing exceptional service. Join us at our new Dallas space to witness the future of in-person research in action, tailored to meet your specific needs!

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    Meet Jessica Josset - Fieldwork Dallas President

    Connect with Jessica on LinkedIn!

    Jessica Josset has been an integral part of Fieldwork since 1999, assuming the role of President of Fieldwork Dallas in 2007. Widely regarded as the "ghost writer" among her colleagues, she excels in delicately navigating complex situations with nuanced, sensitive, yet clear communication, ensuring confidentiality and professional excellence in every interaction. Grounded in empathy, Jessica prioritizes understanding and meeting the needs of both clients and her team. Inspired by her mentor, the late Freddi Wayne, she is driven to pay forward the legacy of success she inherited. Fieldwork Dallas stands as an industry standard, with Jessica at the helm, consistently delivering tailored solutions and meticulous attention to detail for total client satisfaction.

    Jessica Josset