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    Partnering with Fieldwork: Jake Toohey

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    Participating in focus groups isn't just about sharing thoughts; it's a dynamic process that offers benefits to both individuals participating and the organizations conducting the research. These sessions act as a melting pot of diverse perspectives, bringing together people from various backgrounds to provide a comprehensive understanding of products, services, or concepts. The diverse viewpoints contribute to a more holistic perspective, crucial for brands to make informed decisions.

    Advantages of Participating in Market Research

    One key advantage is the direct impact participants have on shaping products and services. Their insights guide organizations in making informed choices about development, marketing, and service improvements. This collaborative approach ensures that end-users play a crucial role in the design and improvement process, leading to offerings that closely align with consumer needs. Additionally, it acts as an early detection system for potential issues, allowing organizations to address concerns before products or services hit the market.

    In addition to the value of contributing to decision-making processes, participants often receive rewards for their time and insights. This recognition not only emphasizes the importance of their contribution but also fosters a positive relationship between consumers and brands.

    The Fieldwork Ambassador Program

    To promote the significance of market research, Fieldwork established the Fieldwork Ambassador Program. This group, including content creators, patient advocates, and social media influencers, shares their insights from participating in market research activities.

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    Meet Jake (@the_real_jake_t)

    Filmmaker. Beachcomber. UGC Creator for hire in SoCal.

    Jake was invited to participate in an in-person influencer event at our LA - Orange County office. Familiar with Fieldwork, Jake shares his experience participating in a focus group and at the Ambassador Event. 

    Be sure to follow Jake on social media and visit is website for more information!


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