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    Is Your Focus Group Facility Dressed for Success?

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    First impressions really are important. You start forming opinions about people you meet within seconds of shaking hands (and, sometimes, even before that). In the market research industry, impressions have a HUGE impact. And, those impressions impact your reputation. Whether you’re trying to influence others or gain new clients, it’s essential that you and your work exemplify your capabilities.

    One of the most important elements of market research work is the research venue that hosts respondents and clients for studies and interviews. Just as you “dress for success,” your focus group facility should be an extension of your expertise.

    The Top 10 Attributes Your Focus Group Facility Should Offer:

    Location, Location, Location

    Just like in real estate, location of your focus group facility is crucial. Is it easy to find? Is it in a “good” neighborhood? (Few respondents are going to be willing to travel to an unsafe part of the city.) Is facility access convenient to local highways, airports and transportation? Is there parking nearby? Is the entry obvious and easy to locate? If your facility is difficult to find or in an unsavory area, kiss your respondents goodbye.

    Every Fieldwork facility is conveniently located in a bustling metro area with amenities readily available either in walking distance or accessible with just a short drive. From restaurants to shopping, our focus group facilities bring both you and your focus group respondents to areas with lots to do.


    At Fieldwork, we value our reputation of delivering hospitality to both clients and respondents. From ensuring snacks and refreshments are available to providing the cleanest restrooms around, we extend a hearty welcome to your study participants.

    Upon entry to our facilities, we welcome clients and respondents and direct them to their destinations. They don’t have to worry about where to go or which hallway to take.

    Additionally, we offer client lounges in most locations for your comfort after a long day in transit or during a tightly-scheduled day with multiple focus groups. Our highly-trained office staff is committed to entire client support, helping you accomplish even the smallest administrative task or helping to rearrange a conference room to accommodate new needs.


    We value your needs for discretion. We work hard to ensure focus group participants are only given the information you want them to have. No names on doors, no identifying logos, no sharing of information. We control access to our facilities. And, we protect the privacy and security of project materials and data.

    Limited Distractions

    While distractions are everywhere, our facilities are engineered to help respondents focus on why they are here instead of paying attention to other distractions. Ringing phones, bustling traffic outside and other disruptive influences are kept to a minimum so that you can accomplish more during the short time you have with respondents.

    Well-Appointed, Professional Conference Rooms

    The ambiance and comfort of the room often dictate the success of your focus group. We furnish all conference rooms with modern, comfortable seating and functional tables/desks. While arrangement may be up to you, many rooms feature seating that maximizes facial exposure for better focus group engagement.

    Rooms offer as much natural light as possible to reduce tensions and stress, often associated with any tedious group study. Smaller interview rooms are available for one-on-one discussions or smaller groups.

    Client Viewing Capabilities

    Each of our focus group facilities is equipped with the industry standard when it comes to viewing, recording and streaming options. Most rooms allow client views from various angles (using wrap-around mirrors). Some have floor-to-ceiling mirrors for increased view.

    State-of-the-Art Technology

    As the world becomes more and more dependent on technology, we know you do, too. Each facility offers a dedicated, fast and reliable connection as complimentary access to the internet. We offer services to help your focus groups test software and hardware products. If you need laptops for your focus group, we can handle that request!

    And, no worries about having to contract with services to record and document your focus groups’ activities. We use the latest in video and computer technology to capture hand and facial gestures and body language valuable to your project’s results.

    Our tech assets include: remote-controlled cameras, adaptable AV for special requests, industry standard usability solutions, and video streaming with concurrent “back room” communication via chat room. We record all sessions in the most widely-accepted digital formats.


    Each focus group facility bearing the name of Fieldwork meets many guidelines that ensure they deliver the level of services you’ve come to depend on from our company. Every location adheres to quality standards in appearance, services, technology and hospitality. Protocols exist that dictate consistency between locations, so you know what to expect when you do your first focus group in Dallas -- when you’re accustomed to using San Francisco offices. There are no surprises - you can rely on the quality delivered.

    Demand Markets

    Your projects require the collection of data from all over the U.S. and, quite possibly, the world. With physical locations and the services of Fieldwork Anywhere, we can offer you focus group facilities wherever and whenever you need them. And, you can be sure that they live up to Fieldwork standards.

    Our facilities represent all of the major U.S. markets and are present in bustling metro districts.

    Setting up new focus groups in locations where you haven’t visited is sometimes a leap of faith. With us, you can be sure that technology, comfort, hospitality and capacity are well-planned into the services you expect. Our experts located throughout the world are professionals at setting up facilities with your needs in mind. When your reputation is on the line, confidence in your vendor is pretty important. Fieldwork will exceed your expectations.


    As we enter our fourth decade of providing quality services to the research industry, we don’t plan on changing our recipe for success. As a world leader for recruitment and market research services, we have an esteemed reputation that carries over to each of our facilities.

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