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    7 Top Tips to Make Your Next Mock Jury Project a Success

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    Mock trial cases are a powerful tool for case testing and evaluation as well as overall trial preparation. When mock trials are executed successfully, they provide clarity and confidence to build a winning case. Project success starts in the planning stage, from recruiting specific quotas to preparing an environment that makes your participants comfortable and eager to participate. The details matter.

    Want to know 7 easy steps to make your next mock jury project a success? Check out our resource below!

    mock jury research success


    Are you planning your next mock jury research project? Our experienced recruitment staff have access to a large toolbox of recruiting methods to match the demographics of the jury likely to be present at the location of your official trial. We offer complete project management so you can focus on the research. Learn more about how we can partner with you to make your next mock jury research project a success. 

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