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    Best Practices for Venue Selection: The Importance of Location in In-Person Focus Groups

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    When selecting a venue for your next qualitative research project, one thing is certain: it’s all about location, location, location. In addition to recruiting feasibility, consideration of essential environmental qualities such as ease of access and adaptability are just as critical to the success of your project. In-person focus group venues should be designed to maximize comfort for everyone involved, with integrated technology to get the best results.

    With so many factors to consider, we know it can take time to hone in on the qualities that set a research venue apart from the rest. For anyone looking to level up their research quality (or as a starting point for those new to focus groups), we’ll share what, in our experience, are some of the best practices for research venue selection when it comes to in-person focus groups.

    Best Practices for Research Venue Selection


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    Focus on Comfortable Spaces, Friendly Staff, and Support

    While scouting for locations, consider the accessibility of the venue itself. Can your respondents travel to the facility location with ease? Are the spaces comfortable and welcoming? These environmental details will significantly impact the quality of participant response and, in turn, the success of the focus group. Look for a spirit of hospitality throughout the venue environment that extends to the participant experience; clients and respondents alike should be able to focus on the task at hand with small details such as parking, spatial comfort, and location access taking as little bandwidth from that work as possible.

    Comfort doesn’t stop at the front desk — a qualitative research venue must respond to participant needs throughout the focus group experience. Amenities such as natural light, a well-stocked snack bar, and friendly staff put participants at ease, opening the door for deeper insights and greater participant engagement.

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    Prioritize Innovation and Adaptability

    Adaptability is key. Partner with a facility who has the experience and resources to help you successfully execute your research. As technological innovations affect how we engage with the world around us, research facilities designed to capture human emotion and experience must implement current technology in their practice. For example, in-person medical research and human factors testing rely on innovative technology to measure response and fully immerse focus group participants in the experience. Make sure that your research venue is fully supportive of all the tools researchers need to conduct high-level research — and put those venues with access to cutting-edge research technology at the top of your list when planning future research.

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    Consider Non-Traditional Facilities

    Sometimes, the best venue for your focus group may not be a conventional research facility. Flexibility and a quick-to-adapt attitude are necessary qualities for your next venue partnership; this is especially true for researchers with alternative venue locations in mind. A high-quality research partner will not only help you determine the best venue — they’ll also bookend coordinate all onsite logistics.

    The Power of Hospitality: A Game-Changer in Research Venue Selection

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    Selecting a venue for market research isn’t just about the physical space; it's about the overall experience. Partnering with a solutions-oriented facility becomes the key to ensuring that the ideal environment is tailored not only for your research needs but also for your target audience.

    At Fieldwork, our commitment to hospitality and solutions-driven partnership is at the core of everything we do. So, when you choose Fieldwork, you can rest assured that customer service should seamlessly blend into the background while supporting your research goals.  Let us handle the details and create the perfect environment for your next research project.  Focus on the research, we’ll do the rest.

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