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    Strategy by Design: Fieldwork's Takeaways from Insights Marketing Day

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    In the heart of Chicago, within the Chicago Architecture Center, Fieldwork co-hosted an event that was more than just a day of learning; it was a lesson in crafting a strategy by design. Insights Marketing Day was not only an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to digital transformation, face-to-face research, and hospitality but also an occasion to lean into the theme of default vs design.

    Alongside Little Bird Marketing, we hosted researchers, marketers, moderators, consultants, and more – all looking to take their personal and professional brands to the next level. 

    Aryn O'Donnell Ann Handley Priscilla McKinney Dino Delic Andy Crestodina Johanna Walker


    Aryn O'Donnell

    As the event's emcee, Fieldwork's VP of Corporate Services, Aryn O'Donnell, related business and marketing strategy to the world of architecture. The overarching concept was clear – you can either go with the flow and follow the default or, like a skilled architect, design a strategy that promotes growth. Just as the design of a building impacts its functionality, a well-designed marketing strategy can shape a brand's success.

    Ann Handley

    The event's keynote speaker, Ann Handley, set the tone by emphasizing the significance of designing a brand's voice. She urged vigilance in the face of AI's impact on SEO and stressed the importance of trust in the world of branding.

    Priscilla McKinney

    Priscilla McKinney echoed the theme with her focus on collaboration. Just as architects collaborate to create something truly remarkable, businesses, colleagues, and clients can collaborate to foster growth. She elaborates on this same theme in her book, Collaboration is the New Competition. 

    Dino Delic

    Dino Delic explored the notion of "tribes" in the online world, focusing on social media influencer strategies. He highlighted the importance of human-to-human communication and authentic messaging.

    Andy Crestodina

    Andy Crestodina's SEO expertise focused on the theme of building with a purpose. Just as architects meticulously plan each element of a structure, a well-considered SEO strategy can serve as the foundation of a successful marketing strategy. 

    Johanna Walker

    Johanna Walker's storytelling insights perfectly encapsulated the notion of humanizing data and connecting with an audience. A well-told story can be as enduring as a timeless architectural masterpiece.

    Like an architect designs a building, businesses must craft a strategy that resonates. The choice is between following the default or embracing a design by intent, a philosophy that perfectly complements Fieldwork's commitment to qualitative research support. As we navigate the ever-evolving insights landscape, we understand the importance of collaboration, innovation, and a resolute commitment to excellence, much like architects, crafting strategies that promote growth and leave a lasting impact.

    Here are some thoughts from the Fieldworkers who attended:

    Rachel Hawley

    IMD is a great format for the busy marketing professional to get insightful and actionable information and make meaningful connections. The speakers are highly curated and have a strong pulse on trends. Looking forward to applying my notes into effective marketing strategies. 

    Sarah Kotva

    Year after year, Insights Marketing Day continues to impress as the ultimate one-day event.  It consistently delivers invaluable and timely insights, courtesy of thought leaders and experts.  I always leave inspired with great, tactile ideas and top notch industry connections.


    Ashley Le Blanc

    If you want effective strategies to improve both your personal and professional brand, Insights Marketing Day is the place to be. A one day commitment makes it accessible and easy to integrate into busy schedules. I always leave with a list of "ah-ha" moments, new tools to try, and a mindset shift to guide future marketing strategies. 

    Corie Suzuki

    The collaborative spirit and excitement to connect surrounding IMD is unmatched! I love that the content speaks to a wide range if organizations and industries. There’s so much to take away from the day and a great way to meet and network with other professionals.

    Crystal Majik

    Insights Marketing Day stands out as the highlight of the year. Its intimate setting, coupled with the organizers' unwavering commitment to fostering authentic networking, cultivates lasting, meaningful connections that extend well past the event itself. When you combine this with the presence of high-caliber speakers who bring relevance and engagement to the forefront, it becomes an event you simply can't afford to miss!