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    Backstage Stories with Aryn O'Donnell on the Rock n' Roll Research Podcast with Matt Valle

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    What do market research, theatre, and metal music have in common? Aryn O’Donnell Korpalski – Fieldwork’s VP of Corporate Services. Whether you’ve been greeted by her at a Quirks Event or chatted about the ways she and the Fieldwork team can support your research, you know Aryn as a thought leader in the qualitative research space. What you may not know is that the first paycheck she ever drew was for a role she played in musical theater.

    In this episode of the Rock n' Roll Research Podcast with Matt Valle, Aryn and Matt discuss her theater days, the value of backroom focus group interactions, and how AI frees people up do what they do best – in addition to her recent appreciation for the world of metal music.

    An Unexpected Journey into Market Research

    Embarking on an unexpected journey, Aryn shares her entry into the world of market research after college, armed with a degree in international studies and Chinese. Initially drawn to explore paths like the Peace Corps or teaching abroad, she found herself captivated by the diverse work at Fieldwork. What started as a chance encounter evolved into a 12-year journey that has seen Aryn deeply embedded in the industry.

    From the breathtaking mountain views of Fieldwork Denver to the vibrant research landscape of Chicago, Aryn reflects on her evolution, maintaining her Colorado roots while embracing her identity as a Chicagoan. Join Matt and Aryn as they reminisce about the Quirks Events and share their love for the Windy City.

    Aryn O'Donnell - Pull Quote

    Aryn O'Donnell Korpalski

    Musical Theater and Metal Beats

    In this episode, Matt unearths a surprising chapter in Aryn’s life – musical theater. With a background in international studies and Chinese, Aryn shares humorous anecdotes from her theater days, including playing a jester and mastering the comedic challenge of singing off-key in the aptly titled "I Can't Sing" (picture below).

    Aryn Playing Jester

    Shifting gears, the conversation veers into Aryn's fascination with metal music. Aryn sheds light on the valuable insights gained from immersing herself in diverse interests, emphasizing the significance of learning from experts in areas beyond one's own expertise.

    Aryn O'Donnell Korpalski - Pull QuoteAryn O'Donnell Korpalski

    Face-to-Face Resurgence in Market Research

    Navigating the current insights landscape, Aryn observes a resurgence of face-to-face market research. Clients, exploring a spectrum of methodologies from online to ethnography, appreciate the personal connections forged during in-person studies. Aryn highlights the significance of both respondent and backroom interactions, shaping a richer research experience.

    The Future Symphony: Human Touch and AI Integration

    Peering into the future, Aryn envisions a harmonious blend of technology, particularly AI, complementing human capabilities in market research. Stressing the importance of leveraging technology for its strengths while preserving human insight and empathy, the conversation unveils the evolving dynamics of research methodologies and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

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    Ready to dive into the full episode? Click here or watch below on YouTube to join Aryn and Matt in this insightful exploration of the interconnected realms of market research, theater, and metal music!