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    Collaboration Behind the Glass: Unveiling the Magic of In-Person Market Research

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    In qualitative market research, the benefits of in-person interactions cannot be overstated. Stepping "behind the glass" into a market research venue offers a unique and unparalleled experience, capturing genuine and unfiltered human opinions. Let’s explore the collaborative spirit of in-person market research, its importance, the benefits it brings, and how to make the most of your time with your team.

    The Significance of In-Person Research:

    Genuine Interactions

    In-person market research fosters genuine reactions and responses, going beyond screens to capture subtle nuances and build empathetic understanding. The energy and thrill of face-to-face interactions create an environment conducive to authentic insights.

    Comprehensive Understanding

    Observing real people, in-person allows researchers to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of participants' attitudes, behaviors, and needs. The camaraderie and dynamics of group conversations contribute to a narrative of genuine understanding.

    Unplanned "Aha" Moments

    The journey of discovery during in-person research extends beyond the focus group facility. Unplanned moments during travel, over lunch, and casual conversations with colleagues often lead to unique ideas and directions, enriching the overall research experience. This time with your team is important.

    Tips for Maximizing In-Person Research

    Whether you're stepping behind the glass for the first time or revisiting the experience, the benefits of being in a research venue with your team are extensive. There's a ritual to conducting research in-person, a commitment that transcends observation. If you're a road warrior, you know the feeling. Your body is almost programmed to these moments. When you’re sitting on the airplane with your own thoughts, there's a profound connection between the researcher and the journey of discovery.

    These moments can lead to unique ideas and directions. When you’re in-person, your attention is dialed in, focused on what's happening on the other side of the glass – fewer distractions, more clarity – something that only being in an environment designed for insights can allow for.

    But how do you make the most of your in-person research time? The experts weigh in:

    Take Strategic Notes

    Joey Doney, Founder of Quantum Leap Insights, advises taking notes that focus on broad observations rather than transcribing everything.

    “To maximize the value from attending in-person research, one of the most critical things to determine ahead of time is which type of notes to take. Each of the multiple types of note taking styles has a distinct purpose that is tied to the research objectives. For example, many people who attend in-person research write down everything that they hear the participants say (which is known as transcription-style notes).

    Unfortunately, this approach to notetaking often distracts from listening for the pieces of information that are most useful to the objectives of the project. And, given that many transcription services are highly affordable in relation to the broader project’s cost, taking notes in this way represents a missed opportunity to allocate mental resources towards more strategic, in-the-moment activities.

    To avoid this inefficiency, it is best to take notes that focus on recording broad observations – what’s being said that is interesting, relevant, or just plain unique. Quite frequently, it is these jotted down observations that create some of the greatest value during the debrief with colleagues. Even better, taking notes in this way hones the invaluable skill of being able to quickly distill the most salient elements from all that is being said, which is one of the key steps to building truly great insights.”

    Collaboration Behind the Glass - Joey Doney
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    Design Conversations for Insightful Testing

    A great way to maximize your next in-person research project is to not only design conversations to help solve your problems, but also incorporate fun ways to test assumptions in your study. Abbey Eisenlauer, President of Conversate Labs shares her perspective:

    “It often isn’t enough just to ask people what they think, but then having them show you can lead to more insights. A few helpful tips would be to test the product in an environment like their own and asking them to perform a task. Observing the behavior live while asking probing questions can be a helpful exercise.

    You can also have the participant write or draw about a topic and see what they come up with on their own without any prompts or input. For testing media, having them use their mobile phones and capturing their online behaviors live can be beneficial as well. There’s nothing that replaces human interaction, which is why so many of our clients incorporate in-person research for their brand and communications projects.”

    Collaboration Behind the Glass - Abbey Eisenlauer
    Collaboration Behind the Glass - Abbey Eisenlauer - Headshot

    Collaborate with Trusted Partners

    Jessica Josset, President of Fieldwork Dallas, emphasizes the importance of collaborating with trusted partners to enhance the overall experience. Fieldwork's commitment to understanding project goals, providing timely feedback, and flawless research execution makes us a reliable support system for clients.

    “To enhance your opportunity for collaboration during #facetofacemrx, work with a trusted partner who will take care of all the details to make your overall experience a success. Fieldwork is committed to ensuring that our clients have an outstanding experience throughout the life of a project. From the start of the dialogue on a potential project during the proposal phase all the way to the execution of quality recruiting and a stellar service experience, our seasoned project managers are ready to exceed expectations.

    We are dedicated to understanding your project goals, sending timely feedback/updates, and executing your research flawlessly. Our clients consider us their support system and we are proud to honor one of our core values - 'Focus on the Research. We’ll do the rest.'“

    Collaboration Behind the Glass - Jessica Josset
    Collaboration Behind the Glass - Jessica Josset - Headshot

    Build Personal Connections

    Matt Valle of MarketVision Research, a recognized expert in the field, highlights the benefit of face-to-face market research in the context of remote work. In-person qualitative research provides an opportunity to build personal connections with colleagues and partners.

    “With so many people still working remotely, in-person time with colleagues and partners has become precious. This has emerged as the new hidden benefit of face-to-face market research. When conducting in-person qualitative research, make sure you build in time over dinner or otherwise to build personal connections with the colleagues and partners you’re so used to interacting with over Zoom.

    This is your opportunity to really get to know each other personally – where you’re coming from, what makes you tick, how you think, what you really care about. Knowing these things can engender trust, create more collaborative working relationships, and improve the quality of your mutual work. We all know this – or used to know this – and many of us just need the reminder.”

    Collaboration Behind the Glass - Matt Valle
    Collaboration Behind the Glass - Matt Valle - Headshot

    Ready to step behind the glass?

    In-person market research provides an unmatched, collaborative experience enriched by strategic note taking, creative assumption testing, partnerships with trusted experts, and investment in relationships. Despite challenges, the authenticity of connections and the discovery of unexpected insights make it an indispensable element of any comprehensive market research strategy. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or a newcomer to behind-the-glass exploration, embracing the collaborative spirit inherent in in-person research is vital. Let the glass be your window to a world of insights, where every face-to-face encounter becomes a catalyst for unparalleled understanding.

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