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    The Balancing Act: In-Person vs Digital Research with Aryn O'Donnell

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    Aryn O'Donnell, Vice President of Corporate Services at Fieldwork Inc, joins host Jamin Brazil on The Happy MR podcast to discuss the individual importance of both in-person and digital research. With advances in digital technology, online research has never been more accessible. The past few years ignited a digital evolution that has caused many to consider whether to conduct research online or in person.

    In this episode, Aryn lays out the impactful insights each method provides. Today, it’s crucial for researchers to assess each tool in their toolbox and utilize all available resources to deliver the best insights for their clients.  

    As the industry continues to evolve, we employ the best methods to support our client's needs. At Fieldwork, we have always believed in the power of #facetofacemrx and understand the impact of being in-person. There are times, though, when digital research is a highly-effective methodology. If you are trying to reach a specific target audience — online research can get you insights from anywhere around the globe. 

    We believe the future of research is a balancing act between in-person and digital research. Both of these methodologies are here to stay, and it's about the strategic utilization of both. With this mindset, we will get the best results possible.

    "Fieldwork is a qualitative support service. We recruit respondents and host in-person, remote, and hybrid research – where our clients can uncover insights for brand and business impact" - Aryn O'Donnell

    This dynamic conversation is one you won't want to miss! From starting in the industry to growing careers through change, it's as inspiring as informative.

    Listen to Aryn on the HappyMR Podcast