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    Fieldwork First Date: No Sweaty Palms Here!

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    Sweaty palms. Anxiety. Compatibility. Trust.

    The dating world is a difficult one to navigate -- especially when you’re looking for your soulmate. Your partner must be trustworthy, smart, interesting, and sexy.

    What to Expect on Your First Project with Fieldwork

    Just as you venture out looking for your personal soulmate, you have some awkward “first dates,” if you will, professionally, too. Finding an ideal partner to handle your market research project is a pretty tough task. Establishing realistic expectations for this relationship is essential, but it is impacted heavily by nerves commonly experienced when you enter into business with new colleagues and partners (or, when you go on a first date!).

    Fight these “first date” jitters with confidence as you meet up with Fieldwork for the first time.

    Will they look like their picture?

    You’ve seen pictures of professionally-appointed conference rooms, sophisticated lobbies and welcoming surroundings, and you’re probably wondering if our focus group facilities live up to the online hype. Our Fieldwork facilities are located across the United States in over 10 different markets. Each features conference rooms with cutting-edge technology and famous hospitality as we invite recruits through our doors for your project. Natural light maximizes surroundings for heightened comfort and participation. All aspects of each of our locations, from restrooms to lounges, are impeccably maintained and the photos online are our actual facilities. No surprises here!

    Are they really who they say they are?

     Nothing is worse than going on a first date with someone you think is a doctor and you eventually find out he has just nicknamed himself “Doc.” Professionally, it would be a disaster, too, to find out that the new market research management vendor you’ve chosen isn’t actually in the industry at all. Again, no surprises here with Fieldwork. This company was created from the ground up by industry experts who intimately knew what clients needed. We did our part pioneering the focus group facility industry and continue to be the industry leader. Knowing the amenities and services you require for projects (transparent communication, screener consultation, clean and flexible research venues, and accurate and timely updates, for example) easily demonstrates that we exceed expectations, even at first glance. Our professionals proactively and intuitively determine the needs of your project and ensure they get met.

    Will we have anything to talk about?

     You won’t have to worry about doing all of the talking on this first date! Our project managers strategize and work with you to develop a screener and recruitment plan that exemplify our history of industry-leading recruitment efforts and utilize our well-maintained, up-to-date databases. We ask you the “hard” questions and anticipate problems before they occur through conversations that cover all aspects of the project, from beginning to end. We know what we are doing. But, we also take the time to listen to you (one of the keys to any great first date!) to find out what you’re looking for and what you need from us.

    What happens if I'm nervous?

    Being nervous and a little anxious about trusting any vendor (or potential soulmate) is completely understandable. Your reputation and livelihood are on the line -- leaving you vulnerable to the entire process. We provide regular updates and pick up any details that might, otherwise, fall through the cracks. (We double confirm all aspects of the project, too, just like you do!) Our market research development experts work hard to get quality respondents to actually show up. We understand your project is sensitive in nature and protect your need for confidentiality on all levels. Trusting any vendor that first time is a little tedious -- but, we at Fieldwork strive to make you feel confident about the relationship. 

    Sometimes, you just “know” that a first date is “the one.” This is it.

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