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    One and Done: The Power of One Point of Contact

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    Meetings, multiple projects and day-to-day tasks keep your schedule constantly full. That’s in addition to all of the other things you have to remember: your upcoming anniversary, Saturday’s soccer game and getting your oil changed. You do it all -- all of the time. After inheriting another project or proposal, the last thing you need is to have to chase down multiple updates and contacts with a tight turnaround.

    One Point of Contact Benefits

    Your company recognizes the significance of effective market research project management. And, they depend on you to facilitate it with all of your infinite power. The best way to make it workable is to confirm a process that embraces a single point of contact for all details. Yes – each and every detail ranging from booking the research venue to recruiting quality respondents to processing incentives, etc. Consider the  power of one point of contact:

    A single contact saves you time

    Everybody knows you’re stretched to your limit, already. You don’t have time to make multiple calls to numerous team leaders about changes in the project specifications or new needs from recruitment. Project success is dependent on efficiency and accuracy. By working with only one point of contact as you coordinate a multi-city or multi-methodology project, you don’t have to touch base with various teams to confirm or check in on a project. All of your project updates come from one person. All concerns, questions and comments are funneled through one individual -- saving you time and energy.

    One point of contact increases collaboration

    When you’re working on a project that spans the continent (or, possibly, the globe), it’s difficult to keep all teams up to date on new developments or challenges. When you only have one point of contact, it’s much simpler to relay your end goals, needs and concerns. Projects with a single point of contact ensure that teams share information, results and any other details that may lead to project success. As teams report to one single contact, it leads to better collaboration and a sense of being proactive, alerting the team of problems before they actually arise.

    A single contact reduces oversight

    When you’ve got too many people to call and too many project leads to chase, critical details tend to fall through the cracks. It’s easy to lose track of who is accountable for various aspects of the project and who has been informed of the the latest developments. Who is taking care of recruitment? Who is coordinating the facilitator? Which person is in charge of the focus group facility? You don’t have to worry about the failure of conveying important details to the “right” contact when there’s only one. You’re doing yourself and your associates a huge favor by employing a process that includes one overall point of contact.


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