Sarah Kotva’s Journey to Market Research

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    Fieldworkers thrive on collaboration. It's ingrained into the ethos of the organization. 

    Executive VP of Fieldwork Inc, Sarah Kotva, joins Matt Valle on the Rock n’ Roll Research Podcast to discuss the journey to her current position and Fieldwork's post-pandemic plans.

    She is a highly organized and meticulous leader who loves to collaborate and interact with people. So perhaps it is not surprising that inspired by Colin Cowie on Oprah, she originally set out to be a planner of fabulous parties. Fate eventually found her under the big tent of the market research industry where she discovered that these two worlds are not as different as they may seem.

    Sarah shares the impact of the pandemic and discusses the enduring value of face-to-face interaction to gain deep consumer insights. She notes the importance of side conversations with colleagues to bring on those “AHA!” moments of sudden discovery, and how that was missing while separated from her team during the pandemic.

    “Fieldwork believes in bringing people together in person. Being able to share and collaborate with your colleagues really enhances the whole experience.”

    Sarah Kotva, VP and Partner at Fieldwork

    Sarah explains how she is excited to jump back into the action and fully engage with consumers as Fieldwork fully transitioned back to face-to-face research. This episode wraps up with Sarah’s explanation of the most popular snacks at focus groups and which records she'd listen to for all of eternity.

    Want to know more? Listen in for Sarah Kotva's take on in-person research. 

    Listen to the full episode with the player on this page, or visit the Rock n' Roll Research page on Apple Podcasts here

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