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    The Power of Passion with Jessica Josset

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    In this episode of the Access to Anyone podcast, host Michael Roderick engages in a captivating conversation that uncovers the core values that drive Fieldwork's success. The discussion centers around industry expert Jessica Josset, who exemplifies the company's commitment to meeting client needs and exceeding expectations. In the world of market research, Jessica stands out not only for her passion and dedication but also for her exceptional leadership skills. Drawing from her experiences and the best advice she's received, we uncover the key elements that make Fieldwork a trusted partner in the market research industry.


    Hard Work and Respect

    Core Values That Define US

    Fieldwork, like Jessica Josset, is built on the pillars of hard work and respect. These fundamental principles have been instilled in the company's culture from the beginning. We understand that respect is earned through actions and treatment of others, within our teams, with our clients, and with our industry. This shared value sets the foundation for lasting client relationships and is reflected in every aspect of Fieldwork's work ethic.

    Industry Expertise and Exceeding Expectations

    Unparalleled Support

    Jessica shares that Fieldwork's success lies in our deep understanding of the industries we serve. By prioritizing our clients' unique needs, we provide unparalleled support in gathering valuable insights that drive strategic decision-making. Jessica also highlights the importance of consistently exceeding expectations, going the extra mile to deliver exceptional service that truly makes a difference. 

    The Power of Leadership

    A Culture of Success

    Jessica's leadership skills exemplify the culture of success that permeates Fieldwork. Total collaboration and a "do whatever it takes" attitude create an environment where the team thrives and grows. We invest in the professional development of our teams, empowering them to take on leadership roles and contribute to the industry's collective success. This commitment to nurturing and inspiring great leaders creates a ripple effect, ensuring the continual delivery of exceptional results.

    Passion and the Pursuit of Excellence

    The Driving Force

    At the heart of Fieldwork's accomplishments lies an unwavering passion for the work we do. Jessica explains that it's passion that fuels our ability to navigate challenges with ease and maintain a strong sense of dedication. She sums it up as, "when you love what you do, it shines through in every interaction." This commitment to excellence is the driving force behind the service we provide. 

    Great Leaders Make Great Leaders

    The Best Piece of Advice

    When asked about the best piece of advice she's ever received, Jessica shares, "great leaders make great leaders." This underscores the significance of leadership not only in one's own professional growth but also in cultivating and nurturing the talents of others. By inspiring and empowering those around them, great leaders create a ripple effect of success and excellence. 

    great leaders, make great leaders.

    By prioritizing the industries we serve, exceeding client expectations, and fostering an internal culture of respect and collaboration, Fieldwork is the top choice for clients in need of valuable insights. Through our commitment to excellence and the guidance of inspiring leaders like Jessica Josset, we forge forward, hoping to shape the landscape of market research, driving innovation and making a lasting impact.

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