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    Fieldwork Boston's Medical Testing Simulation Center

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    Usability testing of medical devices is complex and specific. Enormous technical challenges, coupled with what can sometimes be years of work, are the norm for introducing new devices to the market. As frameworks are carefully put into place for testing, internal human factors resource personnel can start focusing on finding the right environment for the study and which humans would be the best to include.


    The Right Place

    Even during a pandemic, we decided to build the Boston Simulation Center as the most ideal environment to gain quality insights from the right respondents. We were sure to include these 3 main features in the Fieldwork Boston SIM Center:

    1. Sinks

    Never again mess with the hassle of bringing a portable sink. We know sterilization is crucial to protecting participants involved with medical device testing and making this convenient for your team was our number one priority.

    2. Laminate floors

    Medical equipment can be heavy and hard to move. We kept this in mind when designing the space. Materials can be brought in and out of the sim center with ease when you don’t need to worry about clunky carpets!

    3. Locking Storage

    Not only do we ensure proper documentation is implemented to keep proprietary technology is kept confidential, but we also provide locking cabinets to store prototypes - no matter the duration of research - with peace of mind.

    The Right People

    Medical research recruitment is very different from general consumer market research recruitment, which can be flexible and based on the market a company is looking to enter. For medical research, locating specific, hard-to-find participants to fulfill stringent and extensive IRB or FDA medical device testing requirements is the norm. In addition to regulations, consideration must also be made for meeting and exceeding stakeholders’ standards. But at the heart of human factors testing is – humans. Choosing a participant recruiting partner with a proven track record not only impacts the quality of the insights but increases the likelihood your efforts will also positively impact real people's lives.

    Whether you need formative or summative studies in human factors usability testing, Fieldwork is the expert from facility preparation to expert respondent recruiting, and our Boston facility sets the standard for state-of-the-art medical simulation. With over 35 years of experience, Fieldwork’s team understands the unique needs of medical research and leads the industry with our customizable medical simulation. Focus on the research. We'll do the rest.

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