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    From Recruitment to Compensation – How Fieldwork is an Ideal UX Testing Partner

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    To optimize user experience, you need to uncover user behavior, needs, and motivations. UX research requires clear outcomes to specific questions to have true business impact.

    As an experienced researcher, you know the exact path you need to take during UX testing research but your staff and time can only go so far. Logistics to source the right participants, production issues that affect deadlines and maintaining necessary security measure to avoid disclosure of trade secrets are just a few of the many items you have to juggle that can easily become overwhelming.

    Handing over the details of a project is easier said than done. If the partner you entrust misses a detail, the insights may suffer the consequences. When it comes to market research vendors, truly helpful partners can anticipate needs based on their industry experience and expertise.


    How Fieldwork is an Ideal UX Testing Partner

    establishing a partnershipEstablishing a Partnership

    Coordinating research involves lots of detail. You need a market research partner who can help with even the most complex of projects, who knows the industry inside and out, like you do. The intricacies of device testing require thorough communication and expert project management. To allow your team to focus on the research, a UX testing partner should be equipped to handle everything from recruitment to participant compensation.

    Our team of professionals is dedicated to managing projects encompassing any methodology, audience or locale. Working with our extensive network of vetted research partners, we handle everything from proposal to invoice, so you can focus on the research anywhere in the world.

    By communicating with one project manager, we streamline efforts and ensure the project’s seamless continuity. Instead of your team coordinating recruitment and securing focus group facilities (among many other tasks), with one point of contact, Fieldwork takes care of that for you. As a qualitative research support system, we anticipate needs and exceed expectations, throughout your project’s timeline.


    user testing recruitmentUser Testing Recruitment

    We are a market research partner founded by researchers. We know the crucial part to uncover knowledge of how a consumer interacts with your product or service, begins with having the right people to observe. Sourcing quality respondents starts with a properly maintained respondent database.

    Any professional recruiting partner should have a balance of hyper-local, national, and global research participants. While most market research recruiters have a database, additional recruitment tactics are needed to go beyond the database and reach the right respondents for user testing. Fieldwork’s expert team works tirelessly to keep our database updated while implementing innovative tactics for finding respondents in real-time.

    Often, a sample is not comprehensive enough to reflect the wide-cross section of those who use or could use your product or service. Having a diverse group of respondents is essential to gain enough data to derive insights.

    Our out-of-the-box, innovative recruitment methods, allow us to reach those challenging recruits at our national and local recruiting locations. Fieldwork goes well beyond “screen and schedule” using a thorough 4 step recruiting process to ensure accuracy and engagement.

    complete project management
    Complete Project Management

    Communication is key in any partnership. Even more so when the research is being coordinated across multiple markets. Our project managers stay in constant communication with our clients – keeping them updated each step of the way.

    With insights at stake, respondent details can’t afford to be missed. Fieldwork’s Project Managers coordinate, communicate and organize.

    This includes:

    • Providing daily updates on participant recruitment
    • Communicating arrival and location information
    • Confirming participation with respondents
    • Coordinating pre-work
    • Executing any necessary NDAs
    • Distributing, collecting and instructing on devices as needed
    • Upholding security and privacy protocols
    • Paying out incentives

    Successful UX research project management requires a strong commitment to privacy and security protocols. Security practices and regulatory compliance may change rapidly. A professional recruitment partner works hand-in-hand with researchers, moderators, and end-clients alike to ensure the precise study requirements are met, privacy is maintained and trade secrets are guarded.


    securing the proper ux researchvenueSecuring the Proper Venue for UX Research

    UX research is more authentic when it is hosted in a neutral location. It is important to understand that departing from this fundamental can cause unrealized bias. The goal of a well-appointed professional facility for hosting in-person research is to ensure clients can execute a focused discussion free of distractions. Respondents should feel comfortable and have clear expectations to provide candid responses and real-world feedback about the product, services, or brands they are reviewing.

    Great facilities can adapt to any type of environment – casual setups, creative spaces, technology centers, or living room feel scenarios. No matter where in the world you conduct research or how many focus group venues you need synchronously or asynchronously to conduct your research, bringing qualified participants into a facility ready to professionally host is essential to project success.

    Ready, Set, Call Fieldwork!

    Choosing a reliable UX testing partner to handle the organizational needs of your research is how the pros keep projects on time and within budget. From securing a controlled space for the optimum testing environment to ensuring quality participants for best insights, the Fieldwork team is ready to tackle your next UX project.


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