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    The Difference Between Medical and Consumer Recruitment for Market Research

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    If you're conducting market research for a healthcare study such as voice-of-the-patient, medical equipment, or pharmaceutical branding, one of the most challenging parts will be finding the right respondents to give you the insights you need. These studies come with different challenges than consumer studies and may require out-of-the-box recruiting techniques. What sets Fieldwork apart from other recruitment specialists is the way we customize each recruitment plan based on project needs. We are experts in understanding the unique challenges of both medical and consumer recruitment, and we have a large toolbox to support each. When the needs of a medical study exceed standard database searches, we are able to employ customized services to match. And as always, we protect privacy and confidentiality for both respondents and clients.

    Who: Reaching Hard-To-Find Respondents

    No matter the study type, respondents can make or break a project. Specifically, when you're looking for respondents for a medical project, the pool to pick from is smaller to start. Working with a market research recruitment firm that specializes in medical recruiting can make this step a whole lot easier and ensure success. To find your perfect respondents, our expert medical recruiters have a wide variety of tactics such as contacting groups for specific diseases, contacting friendly medical professionals for referrals, and networking through medical organizations.  Medical research recruiters are experts in navigating the medical world and know who to contact and where to look when there are highly specific criteria that need to be met. 

    Where: Looking In The Right Places

    Due to the specific parameters that exist when looking for medical research respondents, if you don't know where to look for these people, valuable time could be wasted in the screening process.  Our respondent database is able to constantly track medical information such as specialties and subspecialties, types of drugs administered, and years in practice. Having this information speeds up the recruitment process for these types of studies significantly!

    Additionally, our local recruiters are very familiar with the local medical community and incidences of certain diseases in the region. For instance, they know which hospitals have the most Cardiologists, and what clinics specialize in diabetes prevention. If we come across a study that our database can't completely fill, we have the experience, expertise and creativity to use an out-of-the-box technique to get to the respondents needed. 

    How: Approaching The Respondents You Need

    Before approaching respondents for these studies, the experts at Fieldwork do their homework! We know that understanding medical terminology relevant to potential participant's conditions or specialties will help them feel comfortable during the research process. 

    Every project is unique and your respondents should be too. As a trusted medical research vendor, we understand how important the right recruits are to the success of your medical research and we strive for perfection in our recruiting processes no matter how big or small the project might be.


    The medical industry continues to grow and change every day, and recruiting qualified health care professionals, patients and caregivers can make or break your medical research study.
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