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    If there’s one guarantee about conducting research it’s that it can become overwhelming. From designing questionnaires, recruiting quality respondents, setting up focus groups, analyzing data, meeting tight deadlines, and satisfying stakeholders, there’s a whole lot to juggle and keep track of.

    Qualitative Research Services Fieldwork Offers

    As a company founded by researchers, we understand the obstacles that can come with the territory. That's why at Fieldwork, we offer a full suite of services to help our partners focus on the research while we handle the rest.


    High-quality recruiting is key to the success of your research project. What sets Fieldwork apart from other recruitment specialists is the way we customize each recruitment plan based on project needs. We are experts in understanding the unique challenges of your project and we have a large toolbox of support. Our database provides access to both local and national respondents, giving us the ability to network effectively and find the right recruits for your study.


    The last thing on your mind when conducting research should be worrying about whether or not you have the appropriate space for your focus group and the proper equipment to go along with it. At Fieldwork, we have premiere venues located across the United States, all of which include cutting-edge technology and customizable rooms to ensure you have everything you need.

    What if you're located in an area without a research venue nearby? We've got you covered! With Fieldwork Anywhere, we can create market research facilities anywhere your project takes you.

    Does your project require going somewhere outside the U.S.? Our team can help with that, too! Fieldwork Network International works with local partners situated across the globe to support research projects just like yours. 

    Project Management 

    Our expert team at Fieldwork shares a vision and commitment to outstanding client care while adhering to industry standards and best practices. We simplify the day-to-day for our clients by providing a single point of contact to facilitate all project details. From booking the research venue and recruitment to delivering updates from the field and processing invoices, our project managers maximize the accuracy and efficiency of your project goals all while providing clients with world class care.

    Additional Services

    No matter where you may be based, at Fieldwork we believe your research should never be limited by geography. Our Fieldwork Network team provides a one-call solution for multi-market projects, offering a full-time, professional staff with extensive experience abroad. From the initial proposal to the final, consolidated invoice, Fieldwork is there every step of the way to ensure success with various methodologies, audiences and locales. In addition, with Fieldwork Webwork we also offer our partners the tools and support to easily interview respondents face-to-face via webcam across the globe.

    Ultimate Market Research Project Checklist

    Feeling the pressure to make sure none of your project details fall through the cracks? 
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