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    Going Above and Beyond: Your Qualitative Research Support System

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    Fieldwork Minneapolis President, Natalie Renna, joins Insightrix Podcast host, Sharday Torgerson, to discuss the impact of project management, hospitality and how Fieldwork plans for success.


    At Fieldwork, we're people-driven. Always. In this podcast episode, Natalie shares the hospitality and service Fieldwork provides, whether it’s in-person research or online virtual spaces. Natalie emphasizes the top priority is making sure both clients and respondents feel comfortable, welcome, and taken care of.Natalie Renna Quote

    Natalie Renna attribution pictureCommunication and transparency are the keys to maximizing time and staying under budget. As a Fieldwork President, Natalie understands how to get the job done and what it takes to go above and beyond for the clients. 

    Listen to the full episode to hear more from Natalie on returning to face-to-face research and just how powerful the human factor element is in the market research world. 

    Listen to Natalie's Podcast Here