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    Our Place or Yours: Fieldwork Anywhere

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    What happens when you need to complete research in an area without a research facility nearby? What about outside of the United States? Does your research call for a unique setup that a traditional facility can’t accommodate? At Fieldwork, we have the resources and knowledge to conduct successful market research projects from beginning to end. With Fieldwork Anywhere, we can help you conduct research wherever and whenever you need us!

    What is Fieldwork Anywhere?

    With Fieldwork Anywhere, you can expand your research studies and gather valuable data and insights from anyone, anywhere across the globe. Whether you need to conduct research outdoors, in an open space, or in a unique space, Fieldwork Anywhere can replicate the conveniences of the Fieldwork facility experience. Arrive with confidence in your selection that keeps you coming back to Fieldwork wherever your research takes you. 

    What services are included?

    When you partner with Fieldwork Anywhere, our suite of services helps you to obtain insights you otherwise might not have access to. You'll be able to achieve greater research objectives with services such as: 

    Virtual Mirrors

    Not every facility will have a two-way glass. But with our ability to broadcast life-sized video in a nearby room, you’ll have the authentic viewing-room experience.

    Experienced Hosts and Technical Support

    Your Anywhere specialist goes way beyond just signing in respondents. Our staff is facility and research trained, as well as experts in audiovisual technology. It’s all part of the package.

    Digital Video Recording with Streaming

    We can be there. You don’t have to. We partner with industry experts to provide high-quality streaming so that remote viewers feel like they’re behind the glass.

    Tailored Collaboration Packages

    Your needs are as unique as your product. We scout out the location to fit your specific needs, whether you are in a major metropolitan area or a small rural community. We bring everything needed for the facility experience, no matter the location. It’s your group. We just make it happen.

    Convention Research Expertise

    Want to take advantage of your target being in one location or event? Then go to them! Conventions bring together groups of people that are self-selected by interest, ideal for market research. Whether you choose to conduct research onsite or remotely, we accommodate your request and make your preferred research methodology a success.

    What if there isn't a facility?

    Fieldwork Anywhere staff members put their creativity to use to help you achieve all of your market research goals. Staff members come in with facility experience and know research, not just technology. Scouts work endlessly to find the right space to fit your unique research needs, making it easy for your moderators to gain the insights they're looking for. Even when there are no research facilities available, you can rest easy knowing Fieldwork Anywhere will create a comfortable and encouraging space for both moderators and participants. Staff members can replicate any kind of Fieldwork facility experience anywhere you need at any time, complete with viewing and streaming capabilities.

    Paying for participation

    When you partner with Fieldwork Anywhere, we handle everything, even paying research participants utilizing our prepaid incentive cards. These cards are fast, easy, and work just like cash regardless of the currency your participants prefer to use!

    Carrying out a market research project overseas takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you have to get creative. That's where Fieldwork Anywhere comes in. We can help you carry the weight no matter the location - you focus on the research, we'll do the rest.

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