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    4 Things You Didn't Know Your Facility Partner Could Do

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    As you select a research partner to help with project management, you are likely weighing your options and comparing benefits. Of course, cost is a major factor. Knowing and understanding quality research services and how they contribute to the success of the project is imperative. A quality research partner can enhance deliverables and project objectives.

    But, what if you were to learn that a research partner doesn't only offer the assumed services? But, they actually provide ancillary services you didn't even know they were capable of? Now, those services are worth another look, for sure!

    Our Fieldwork services deliver industry-leading recruitment, state-of-the-art focus group facilities and hospitality that exceeds your expectations. But, that's not all. Read on to discover four more things you didn't know we could do as your facility partner:

    4 Things Fieldwork Can Do as Your Facility Partner


    1. We recruit beyond the data fields in our databases.

    We make it our mission to collect and maintain updated details about our respondents. Additionally, we extend our reach for focus group participants far beyond our databases. Our expert Fieldworkers establish strong ties to their specialty networks and establish professional relationships with local industry leaders.

    2. We can help you conduct focus groups anywhere. 

    Although we have Fieldwork locations in cities across the United States and project management teams coordinating studies around the world, it's possible that you will have the need to establish a focus group somewhere with no facilities. In that case, our Fieldwork Anywhere team can develop a non-facility or creative space experience with facility conveniences. We have taken our Anywhere services to over 90 markets and provided first-class recruiting, virtual mirror services, tailored collaboration packages, experienced hosts and technical support, digital recording with the option to stream and prepaid incentive cards. It doesn't matter where you need us – we can be there.

    3. We create various experiences with our space. 

    While you may think that our facilities are used primarily for interviewing or focus groups, we can easily convert our rooms into much more. They are versatile and serve as classrooms, theaters, living rooms, usability labs, children's play rooms and, even, mock shopping experiences. We can serve traditional requirements and out-of-the-box requests.

    4. We understand technology.

    Your focus group will probably rely on some form of technology to make it successful. Whether you're depending on the recording of the group's activities to make your report or you're hoping to have laptops ready for respondents to use, we can help with that. We can coordinate live streaming options, high-speed internet connections or even just the kind of music you'd like playing during your interviews. Our hosts are not only terrific at welcoming your candidates, but they are also pros at troubleshooting and delivering your AV/tech needs.

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