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    The Role of Service in Research

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    In the second episode of our miniseries, Flight Patterns with Fieldwork, Aryn O'Donnell, Vice President of Corporate Services, joins Priscilla McKinney on Ponderings from the Perch. The conversation highlights Fieldwork’s service-oriented mindset and specialization in cultivating and nurturing relationships

    In this episode, Aryn explains it is Fieldwork’s prioritization of client needs that allows us to stay proactive rather than reactive during times of change. With a collaboration over competition mindset, we championed the return of face-to-face research – encouraging clients and competitors alike to share developments to strengthen research for the industry as a whole.

    Aryn joined Fieldwork in her hometown of Denver in 2011 as a Client Service Specialist. From there, she moved to the Rocky Mountains for Lake Michigan to continue her growth as a Project Manager for Fieldwork Network. Her determination to be service-oriented led her to her current role. Aryn strongly believes Fieldwork’s ability to adapt to all the changes over the past couple of years is because of our people.


    “How we treat each other internally is how we treat our clients externally.” - Aryn O’Donnell


    Oftentimes people hear qualitative research and think of focus groups, but Fieldwork is much more than that.. Inclusivity of respondents, UX research, mock juries, and our new Boston SIM Center are a few examples of our areas of expertise – but we are continually fixed on growth and improvement to meet our clients’ needs.

    In this conversation, Aryn also highlights how Fieldwork utilizes social media to recruit quality participants to get a representative sample. This work has allowed us to grow our database to a robust list of people we can tap into to match the right respondents with our clients.

    From matchmaking to downward dog, this conversation is just as entertaining as it is informative.

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