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    Dancing Face to Face with Kelsey Buttimer on the Conversations in Depth Podcast

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    Join Kelsey Buttimer, the president of Fieldwork Chicago, and Mike Carlon on Conversations in Depth: A QRCA Views Podcast as they uncover the unexpected links between dancing and managing a qualitative fieldwork agency. Discover the key skills that Kelsey learned through her background in dance that have contributed to her success in the fieldwork industry. Tune in to gain valuable insights and inspiration for climbing the ladder in the qualitative research industry.

    As a former competitive dancer, Kelsey understands the importance of time management and having a game plan, which are crucial skills in the fieldwork industry. In the dance studio, she learned the value of structure, hard work, and communication, while also developing an appreciation for music and entertainment.

    In the episode, Kelsey and Mike explore parallels between dancing and managing qualitative fieldwork, as well as climbing the ladder in the qualitative research industry. They also discuss the benefits that Fieldwork gains from its relationship with QRCA.

    The conversation also touches on music, festivals, and their mutual love of running. Kelsey shares her passion for helping others and problem-solving, which stems from her background in dance.

    "Based on dancing and how I was brought up, I was always around people, wanting to help them and problem solve." – Kelsey Buttimer

    To hear the full episode, check out the QRCA Views website or click the link here

    Listen to Kelsey's Podcast Here