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    4 Essentials for Effective In-Facility Research

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    Conducting focus groups is one of the best ways to gain valuable insights when performing market research. As a market research recruitment firm founded by researchers, we know facilitating effective focus groups is sometimes easier said than done. 

    4 Essentials for In-Person Research

    The next time your project requires a focus group, make sure to partner with an expert that can help you in these 4 essential areas:

    1. Preparation

    When it comes to focus groups, preparation is key. It's important to begin by setting clear objectives for what you want to learn. Once goals are set, develop a profile of the type of respondent that can provide the answers you need. Always keep in mind that there will likely be more than one "type" of person that can lead you to those answers. This process involves doing preliminary research such as collecting previous quantitative research data and brainstorming with the client.

    2. Screener Development

    Next, find a facility partner and develop the screener. Working with a professional recruitment firm not only helps expedite this process, but ensures you are receiving only the highest quality respondents. Having looked at and recruited from thousands of screeners, a good facility can find possible trouble spots before the project goes into  field.

    3. Recruitment Communication

    During recruitment, there is a lot of back and forth that needs to happen between the client and the facility. Having a single point of contact eliminates the stress of any details falling through the cracks. Constant and honest dialogue throughout the recruitment stage can make or break the success of the research. 

    4. Facilitation 

    The last thing you should be worried about on the day of your focus groups are minor details. For example, when working with a reliable recruitment partner, they should always ensure that the environment is comfortable for all attendees and include a variety of industry-standard recording and streaming options.Your recruitment partner should always make you feel confident that all details are in order and provide you with top-notch hospitality that allows you to keep your focus on the research.

    Ultimate Market Research Project Checklist

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