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    How Fieldwork Recruits Your Target Audience

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    From small towns to global cities and niche audiences to mass numbers, Fieldwork has earned the industry gold standard when it comes to participant recruitment. Our innovative tactics and experienced project managers are a recipe for success. 

    President of Fieldwork Webwork & Fieldwork Anywhere, Crystal Martinez, joins Mark Sarria on the Socially Latino Podcast to discuss how Fieldwork helps businesses recruit their ideal target audience, and attain quality consumer insights for real business impact.

    During her time with Fieldwork, Crystal's hard work and passion for the industry have helped her rise to the top. Attributing her success and long-standing loyalty to the company’s positive culture and team-oriented attitude, she explains that Fieldworkers have a reputation for sticking around for the long haul. So perhaps it is no surprise that Crystal has been with the company since 1996. With long tenure comes years of invaluable experience – and that is exactly what Fieldwork possesses. 

    Crystal shares how Fieldwork facilitates the connection between businesses and customers to gain deep consumer insights. She notes the importance of Fieldwork’s extensive experience in the market research industry, and how the company’s comprehensive knowledge helps provide each client with recruits that perfectly represent their target customers.

    “We brainstorm with our clients about who their target customer is, and then it becomes our job to track those people down. Once we do, we recruit respondents according to client specifications and make sure that they qualify as a prospective customer, and then give the client and the customer an opportunity to connect.”

    Crystal Martinez, President of  Fieldwork Webwork & Fieldwork Anywhere

    Crystal explains the benefits of partnering with a research vendor early in the game, and how speaking with customers about a product or service before releasing it to the public can prevent businesses from marketing to the wrong audience. 

    This episode wraps up with Crystal’s explanation of how Fieldwork services clients with budgets of all sizes. Through Fieldwork, even the smallest start-ups can meet with participants that will provide essential feedback to fuel business development.

    Want to know more? Listen in for Crystal Martinez's take on Fieldwork’s ability to recruit the perfect participants for your next market research study. 

    Listen to the full episode with the player on this page, or visit the Socially Latino page on Apple Podcasts here.


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