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    Navigating Uncharted Waters with Sarah Kotva

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    Sarah Kotva, VP and Partner at Fieldwork, was a guest on Little Bird Marketing's Ponderings From the Perch podcast. Sarah and host, Priscilla McKinney, discuss the vital roles communication, empathy, and flexibility play in successful leadership and adapting business operations to unforeseen circumstances. 

    Sarah Kotva

    In response to the coronavirus, Sarah walks us through how Fieldwork has been navigating the "great unknown," illuminating the necessary pivots her and the Fieldwork team have made in order to continually answer client needs and deliver superior service. From proactively collaborating with clients to adapt their projects to online research to shifting internal communications to virtual meetings, Sarah provides a roadmap for what successful leadership looks like in a time when it is needed most. 

    Listen to the full episode to hear more from Sarah on how Fieldwork has been able to safely retain high levels of productivity and togetherness while keeping the operations moving forward through uncharted territory.

    Listen to Sarah on Ponderings from the Perch

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