Think Like a Fieldworker

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    Fieldworkers are true problem solvers. It's engrained into the ethos of the organization. 

    We partner with qualitative researchers to get research done. Through our focus group facilities, expert recruiters and detail-oriented project managers, we connect the dots for our clients to ensure projects run smoothly. 

    Sarah Kotva, VP and Partner at Fieldwork, recently joined Nicole Greer on the Vibrant Leadership Podcast to share more about what makes Fieldwork experts in multiple market research services. 

    In the episode, Sarah shares how she not only works with CEOs seeking answers to big questions but also leads a team of passionate and inquisitive experts. 

    "Sometimes the timing is not right. That doesn't make you a bad leader. You have to go back and recycle your ideas. We do that all the time. A lot of times we have great ideas and the timing isn't right."
    Sarah Kotva, VP and Partner at Fieldwork

    Sarah and Nicole discuss her experience working remotely in an in-person industry, participatory leadership, what leaders are facing in our current state of the world, and problem-solving activities for any successful leader, including:

    • The importance of knowing a little about a lot
    • Mirroring communication
    • Why there is no substitute for planning

    Want to think like a Fieldworker? Listen in for invaluable insights any leader can act on for greater success. 

    Listen to the full episode with the player on this page, or visit the Vibrant Leadership website here


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