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    Locals Only: How Fieldwork Recruits Locally for Virtual Focus Groups

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    Moderators who conduct traditional facility-based qualitative research have long been the road warriors of the research industry. They spend money and time traveling from city to city in their quest to learn from local consumers in specifically targeted geographic areas. They count on Fieldwork to deliver engaged respondents who accurately reflect the target audience. When the moderators arrive to their research, they count on the locally managed recruiting office to have vetted respondents who accurately represent the desired audience. And when qualitative research goes online, Fieldwork still delivers the right participants for virtual focus groups. 

    When local recruiting is needed, here are some of the ways Fieldwork effectively recruits:

    Fieldworkers Think Locally

    Fieldwork offices across the nation are highly collaborative. Each location sources quality LOCAL respondents that can participate in both your national and local studies. Local requests can be very specific, as the local office easily puts boots on the ground. Local offices have great connections with local business trade groups, support groups, community events, and more.

    Fieldworkers Cut The Red Tape

    Each one of our U.S. locations is managed locally. The facility President maintains an expert local hosting and recruiting team. The local phone rooms are staffed with people who know the area and are willing to get out into the public to source what is needed for any upcoming study. Our recruiters stay up to the minute on local news and events and are storehouses of knowledge about what goes on not just in their city, but in their city’s neighborhoods too. Many times, the local recruiting team has great area-specific ideas about how to uniquely recruit for a study. As each office operates independently, they are empowered to use their local resources wisely and require no corporate approval to employ their people skills to recruit the top-quality participants, moderators need. Fieldwork also is ready to combine the forces of all locations’ recruiters and project managers for your study whenever that strength in numbers is needed.

    Fieldworkers Always Go Back to the Basics

    Because everyone is looking to keep costs down, automation is seen as an effective way to get more done with less. But not every detail in quality recruiting can be done with algorithms and bot checkers. Fieldworkers employ traditional approaches to deliver only the highest quality in recruiting for market research. High-touch, personal approaches are needed especially with hyper-specific recruiting screener needs. Whether it's putting out flyers, attending targeted events, or calling for referrals, Fieldworkers implement various boots-on-the-ground techniques to get the job done. In this way, we provide personal service, which builds rapport with respondents, and trust with clients.

    Fieldworkers Go High-Tech

    We have carefully employed high-tech elements into our recruiting tactics. Some of these systems help us recruit efficiently and effectively with great accuracy by using social media platforms. The use of social listening best practices and other social media plug-ins help us identify the unique respondents you want to talk to across many networked groups. The result is a constant influx of people who have not yet been a part of qualitative market research studies who are properly indexed and partially pre-screened for easy matching to appropriate studies.

    Fieldworkers Set Goals

    Our path to top-notch recruitment begins with well-defined goals and precisely targeted respondents. Because Fieldwork Project Managers are well-versed in their local markets, we are quick to set recruiting goals with our clients and make informed suggestions about what can be expected. We also set goals for all stages of the process beyond recruiting. As we move into in-depth screening and quality control re-screening, we have goals to help fully evaluate potential candidates’ qualifications for each study. Accordingly, goals need to be met in many different areas and should be measured beyond a simple quota count.

    Whether moderators are boarding a flight to come to one of our many facilities, or ready to pop online to get their virtual focus group started, they have come to trust the expert support and attention to detail that helps them achieve their goals – even when those goals are hyper-local. Successful moderators know they can rely on Fieldworkers for accurate local recruiting when conducting virtual online focus groups.

    Moving your in-person study online? At Fieldwork, we’re all about making every experience the best it can be. From recruiting to scheduling, technology to invoicing, we handle every aspect of your project with expertise.

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