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    4 Things UX/CX Recruiting Pros Know About Ensuring High Participant Show Rates

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    Show rates refer to the number or percentage of participants who show up for their scheduled research session out of the number of participants who have been recruited to that session. Low show rates in UX/CX research can have a significant impact on the success of a project. When show rates are low, it can lead to a number of problems including extended project timelines, increased project costs, reduced sample size, loss of confidence in research outcomes and possible roadblocks to project completion.

    Finding the right participants is one of the most significant ways to increase the quality of the insights from any qualitative research study. Whether you choose to in-source or outsource your research recruitment efforts, a multi-touch confirmation process can drastically improve your show rates. If you’re ready to save time, save money, and experience less hassle, learn from the Fieldwork pros. 

    Provide Clear Communication

    Creating an environment where details are explained, questions can be addressed, and everyone is clear about any pre or post-session requirements helps participants understand why their attendance is so important.  Providing clear legal requirements for participating in a research study allows respondents to gain understanding into the purpose, procedures, risks, and benefits of participation. Thorough communication is not just a legal requirement, but instills confidence in the respondent.

    Make it Personal

    From initial contact to determine if they qualify, through the pre-interview confirmation phone call, people should feel like they are individually important to the success of the project. Using language that shows they are valued and respected will make a difference in how they perceive their commitment to showing up for the study and engaging in a way to offer their best. 

    Be Considerate of Schedules

    Everyone is busy and respondents are no exception. While not all studies have a flexible timeframe or methodology, knowing your options with both synchronous and asynchronous qualitative sessions may enable a safety net should unforeseen circumstances arise for your participants or your team.

    Be Mindful about Incentives 

    Being considerate of participants’ time and effort should be the foundation for incentive planning for any study. Every study has a unique set of requirements and obligations which should correspond with the amount of the incentive being offered. Participation can often exceed the actual research session. Factoring in time spent completing any pre-tasks like homework and tech checks will help to give you a more realistic impression of the commitment. While interview duration should always be a factor in determining incentive amount, it’s also critical to weigh the value that unique participant perspectives will bring as well as any considerations that should be made to accommodate their participation. Will this participant require someone else to accompany them (e.g. children participants who need parental supervision or someone with a caregiver, etc.). When the entirety of the project is taken into consideration, you’ll find that reflected in healthy show rates and enthusiastic participation. 

    High show rates in UX/CX research has a significant impact on the success of a project. To maximize show rates, research professionals must take a multi-touch approach to recruitment efforts. This includes clear and personalized communication, being considerate of participants' schedules, and offering appropriate incentives. By taking the time to understand the needs and preferences of participants, research professionals can create an environment where participants feel valued and respected, leading to increased engagement and participation in research studies. Taking the time to plan and execute a comprehensive recruitment strategy is the first step to ensure the success of your research project.

    At Fieldwork, We take the guesswork out of securing engaged and energized people ready to engage with your products, services or ideas. We’d love to hear about your next project Focus on the research. We’ll do the rest.  

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