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Meet Your Match: Targeting the Best Medical Respondents Digitally

By Fieldwork on December 16, 2019

Recruiting the right respondents is one of the most crucial parts of any medical study, but is easier said than done. From low incidence populations and geographical limitations to low engagement rates and time constraints, finding medical respondents has its own unique set of challenges that often require recruiters to go beyond traditional recruitment methods.

Thankfully in today's digitalized world, it is becoming easier for medical research recruiters to identify and secure respondents through online mediums. The next time your medical study requires hard-to-find respondents, make sure you partner with medical research recruitment specialists who think outside-the-box and effectively utilize digital resources to meet your recruitment needs.

Social Media

To find perfect respondents, medical research recruiters must employ a variety of different recruitment tactics. These include everything from building relationships within the local medical community to having a solid understanding of basic medical knowledge and terminology. When combining these tactics with social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, recruiters are able to expand their reach and hone their search by targeting specific criteria including age, gender, location, and language.

Online Communities

Online communities are made up of individuals who share common interests, experiences, or concerns, and provide medical research recruiters the opportunity to connect with highly-specific groups that are otherwise difficult to find. When medical research recruiters are recruiting for specific populations, communicating with the directors of online communities or support networks can help increase their chances of finding high-quality respondents. Online networks such as these are a great option for recruiters to connect with qualified candidates, expand their reach over several markets, and expedite the recruitment process.

Online Advertising 

Similar to social media, online advertising is an effective way for recruiters to target specific audiences by building ad campaigns around specific user data. Medical research recruiters can build ad campaigns around specific interests, keywords, demographics, locations, and a variety of other characteristics to help them reach hard-to-find respondents.

Ultimately, successful medical recruiters know how to use a combination of online resources with time tested techniques to identify and recruit the best medical respondents. 

Tired of keeping your medical research projects on hold while searching for low-incidence respondents? At Fieldwork, we offer medical research recruitment services with experienced medical research recruiters that can deliver the powerful and actionable insights you need!

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